Frequently Asked Questions

Is LogoGraders free?
It's 100% free. Every member can grade others' logos and you can add as many logos as you want to be graded.

Do I have to do anything?
You will have to grade / give your own sentiment analysis to at least 3 logos before your first logo can be graded on.

What criteria do you use to grade logos?
Simply, several questions are asked and graders will decide how well your logo performs against each. These grades will be combined into a cumulative grade for the individual grader which is then added into the overall cumulative score for the logo.

How long will my logo be graded on?
There's no expiration limit to grading. You can take it out of grading rotation if you like in your account.

Why did my logo get rejected?
Was it a logo at all? All logos are reviewed prior to being publicly listed for grading. Photos of logos, distorted or low-res images, and anything inappropriate can be rejected at our discretion - because who wants a random nude Snapchat popping up on their screen?

What do grades get me?
The sentiment analysis provides you with a perception/feedback about both your logo and branding intent. Good grades will also come with rewards (like discounts on for logo merchandise, discounts on design services, featured in newsletters for exposure, etc.).

Will you be adding anything else?
Got any ideas? We'd love to hear 'em! Send us an email.